Received the 1976 Rolling Stone with Jack Ford in it. Pulp paper makes for bad photo reproduction, but I’ll scan his bedroom at least anyway.

I also got the book White House: An Architectural History. It’s got reproductions of the Truman floor plans (from the CREM report), good pics of failed expansion plans I haven’t seen before, and more. I’ll have to spend some time going thru it.

And last, I got the 1937 Life issue with the Roosevelt West Wing floor plan. I’ll scan that and post quickly. I had hoped for a lot more; namely photos of the interiors of some of the rooms, but alas… a lack.


5 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Derek – is that the book by Desmond Guinness? I have a copy of that too. It’s decent. Especially about the Irish forerunners for the design of the White House.

  2. I purchased that book back in the eighties. It was my first glimpse at the second and third floor plans. Wore those pages out!!

  3. By the way, Laura Bush unveiled some new china and carpets that have been in the works for months. Just in time for the new occupants! Hear all about it on the website (First lady page)…..

  4. Be careful of the Ryan and Guiness book. It’s got some great illustrations, and John is right about its study of the Irish precedents for the White House. But the overall scholarship is very sloppy and they make some real blunders.

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