New front page – Ike China Room

I’ve changed the front page to an image from the Life collection, a pleasant 1958 picture of party guests looking over the china collection. And I’ve also freshened the blog again.

Happy new year!


6 thoughts on “New front page – Ike China Room

  1. Happy New Year everyone – I’m one of the “old” posters who crawls back occasionally – when Google/Blogger lets me in.

    I love the 1950’s dresses and Dinner Jackets in the China Room pic. It looks like the January 1961 National Geographic come to life!

  2. When I see pictures of people dressed like this I get flashbacks! Robert Young; Jane Wyatt; Eleanor Donahue; Billy Grey; and Lauren Chapin (against a background of sappy music and giggling children). (shudder) I feel like I’m having a PTSD episode. I guess this is what happens with the onset of geezerhood.

    As for you, John in NOLA, you don’t crawl back; you *slither* back, as befits reptilian creatures from the bayous of Louisiana. (And we love reptiles, yes we do!)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR everbody!

  3. Derek, what a great photo to begin the New Year. I’ll imagine that they are New Year’s partiers who have slipped away from Ike and Mamie for a few minutes.

    Happy New Year to all!

  4. Br. Chris, that must be why my tail keeps growing back when it gets chopped off during a hurricane… : )

  5. And here I thought you were a starfish..

    In any case, what I meant as a joke came off as harsh as I reread it. Sorry John! I guess that will teach me not to post at 5:00 a.m. before I’ve finished my coffee.

  6. Oh lord no, Brother Chris! I thought it was funny! All native New Orleanians have webbed feet. We joke about it ourselves. “If you look over and see something on the carseat next to you with scales and lots of teeth, you made a wrong turn into the swamp!”

    BTW, you don’t want to be around me before my morning coffee… I’m just sayin’…

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