White House: Behind Closed Doors report

I just watched WH:BCD and here are a few things of interest:

  • It has a nice 3D WH and takes the lid off to show various parts. However, the floor plans are not significantly different from WHM’s and it does not show any parts (like the basement press offices) that I don’t have documented. It specifically avoids showing the layout of the third floor even when discussing it directly and showing it from the outside.
  • The servants’ spiral staircase definitely ends at the first mez level and has storage shelves built into the interior[!]
  • I believe we get our first glimpse at the basement mez pantry.
  • In addition to the Kitchen and state rooms, we get a good look at the guest rooms, Treaty Room, West Sitting Hall, and Private Dining Room.
  • Laura claims she and W stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom when they visited the Bush 1s. This contradicts her claims from Monarchy that they stayed in the Queens’ Bedroom. Then again, she also says that they hosted QE2 and Prince Charles in the Private Dining Room, while a picture is shown of the QE2 lunch in the Yellow Room.
  • There’s a good moment when the narrator says the WH is wired for 21st century living and we see a workman remove a wall panel to reveal what appear to be 50-year-old screw-type fuses.

4 thoughts on “White House: Behind Closed Doors report

  1. I noticed the comment about having the Queen and Prince Charles to lunch in the President’s Dining Room (second floor). I think that was actually just poor editing and that Laura was likely talking about the Yellow Oval Room but the tape that ran behind the words was while they were showing the Dining Room. It was a variety of small but significant bits of misinformation of this type that still makes me think it was a reather inferior show and I have higher hopes for C-SPAN.

  2. It was the Queen and Prince Philip, unless there was reference being made to the earlier visit by the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.

  3. I believe that the pastry pantry we caught a glimpse of was the mezzanine level that forms the bi-level pantry to the west of the Family Dining Room, along the west wall of the White House. In a split second we caught sight of that circular staircase between the two levels as well.

    Hoping to see in the C-SPAN series the elevator and staircase complex that adjoins the family kitchen in the northwest corner of the residence floor.

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