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I’ve added a few more photos from Life via Google.

However, after adding this photo, I realize it can’t possibly be the room now known as the president’s private study. However, it also can’t be the traditional president’s secretary’s office or what is now the president’s dining room.

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  1. Why do you NOT think that it is the current President’s Study–the room immediately west of the Oval Office? This is the room that I’ve read Rosemary Woods (the woman pictured) occupied and in which she accidentally erased the 18 1/2 minutes of tape. And you even have another picture of Rosemary seated behind the desk in the same room and the window treatments and wallpaper match.

  2. How about this as an explanation? At some time during the Nixon years the office of Rose Woods was moved from the current President’s study to the second room west from the President’s Dining Room. Yes, the furniture is the same, but the room design is different. Notice that in the mystery photo that her desk is pushed against the wall. The room is definitely smaller. Also, the floor plan indicates a door in the northeast corner, allowing for the placement of the storage unit in the northwest corner.

    Also, note the photos of LBJ. It seems to be that same room. Very small, almost a media room, and certainly no prominent desk for use as a President’s private study.

    Or, there are two distinct offices with identical office furniture purchased at Office Depot.

  3. Here’s another possibility. Are the photos of Rosemary sitting in the wingedchair and at her desk flopped? (Or, however you say it.)

    We know that Nixon did inside changes to the West Wing and Jefferson’s west gallery, i.e. Press Room over Swimming Pool. Could the door of the President’s Private Study have been moved from the NE corner of the wall to the NW corner of the wall?

  4. Good ideas Dennis. I also think that Rosemary Woods may have just been in the office when the photo was taken . She wasn’t behind the desk so there’s no reason to assume it’s her office.

  5. Hmmm. Keep in mind that the Nixon WW would have had the larger lobby seen in the Kennedy and Truman floor plans, right? Also, the pic of Woods leaning over the desk is her showing how she accidentally erased the tape, so that and the related pics where the same furnishings are seen must be her regular office.

    BTW: I’ve added these images to the mirror site. Sorry for not doing that in the first place.

  6. It occurs to me that this could be the office on the second floor next to the Oval Office, altho the ceiling seems too high.

  7. I’ve seen several WW floor plans that show completely different room arrangements from one administration to the next. It seems the only constants after FDR’s enlargement are the Oval Office, Cabinet Room, the President’s Secretary’s office (although the size of the closet has changed), and the Roosevelt Room, a.k.a. the Fish Room. It may be that the room shown doesn’t correspond to any of the spaces in today’s WW.

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