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Visitorship continues to rise, apparently with a mention on MSN this week. Here are the page views from the past few weeks, the first of which represents the last “normal” week.

5-Oct-08 56,761
12-Oct-08 70,975
19-Oct-08 73,760
26-Oct-08 78,386
2-Nov-08 192,762
9-Nov-08 369,645
16-Nov-08 525,377

4 thoughts on “Site stats

  1. I think many visitors are curious about which rooms the Obama girls will get, as well as a general interest in the new residence for the Obamas. I am curious though about where the First Lady keeps all her gowns and other clothes. The closets in the Presidential bedroom suite seem awfully small.

  2. George, yes. I’ve just added one, but now I’m engrossed in all the other Life WH pics available thru Google. I’ll do a separate post.

  3. Anon, clothing storage has long been a problem. The closets in the north hall on the second floor are often used for dress storage. Less-used fancy ball gowns and off-season clothes are probably stored on the third floor in the Cedar Room and elsewhere.

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