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I happened upon Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work this afternoon on public television and found episode 1 to include the queen’s visit to the White House. Here are some tidbits:

  • WH staff is shown touching up the paint, using Duron Exterior Alkyd/Oil Gloss labeled “Whisper – 248”.
  • Miss Beazley got into the white paint the day of the queen’s state dinner.
  • The queen’s visit was the occasion of the first (and, I think, only) white tie event during the Bush 2 administration.
  • Buckingham Palace is waaaay fancier than the WH, but some of the corridors are very narrow.
  • Bush 2 met the queen when she visited the WH during the Bush 1 time, 16 years earlier.
  • Barney likes to steal the president’s ball when he is practicing on the putting green and is very good at pulling golf balls out of the hole.
  • The president had a good joke about how he was concerned at how Barney would behave toward the queen, given that he is Scottish.
  • The Bush 1s stay in the Queens’ Bedroom when they visit the Bush 2 WH, as the Bush 2s did when they visited the Bush 1 WH.
  • Some of the queen’s house staff are what Mrs. Slocombe would have called “dead common”.
  • The queen’s lunch was held in the Yellow Oval Room.

6 thoughts on “More QE2

  1. This is fun info! I hope they show the program again because I’m interested in QEII and Firm.

    I’ve read some of QEII’s staff are rather common because more “polished” or educated staff would want a living wage not paid, because she believes it is a privilege to work for her. I am unanimous in that with Mrs. Slocombe!

    Nothing against the Royals. They are one of my hobbies.

  2. I watched th show as well and was struck by the dedication of the WH staff. It was wonderful to see them watching the South Lawn arrival ceremony from the Blue, Red and Green Room windows. The behind-the-scenes shots were my favourites! What a massive staging effort for this visit.

  3. I caught this on repeat, and it was a great documentary.

    I’m amazed at Her Majesty’s stamina at her age. She is always poised, always cordial, always friendly and appears to have a great sense of humor. I don’t know how she does it, and she has my admiration.

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