HMS Resolute writing table

Here’s something I don’t think I’ve seen before: the writing table companion to the partner desk given to President Hayes by Queen Victoria, both made from timbers of the Resolute. If I recall correctly, the desk shown in Buckingham Palace in National Treasure 2: The Ridiculous Sequel was the queen’s actual current desk, a rather horsey-looking secretary.

One thought on “HMS Resolute writing table

  1. There was a second desk called the “Grinnell Desk”, or the “Queen Victoria Desk” also made from the timbers of HMS “Resolute”. This smaller lady’s desk was presented to the widow of Henry Grinnell in 1880 in recognition of her husband’s generous contributions to the search for Franklin. It was gifted to the New Bedford Whaling Museum in 1983, and is currently in their collection in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

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