Photo day

It was photo day again at the White House. Look for this to be more and more common as the administration winds down. It must just drive the staff nuts to have to move all those priceless antiques out of the state floor rooms for these events (not to mention dragging in risers for the larger groups). And I always wonder whose idea it is for everybody to be photographed throwing gang signs.

One thought on “Photo day

  1. Thanks for the info! I was in DC last week for a conference and had a morning free to explore. I dropped by the White House and inside chandeliers were shining through the windows, crowds were milling about, the door from the Blue Room to the South Portico was open and there were bleachers and more people on the south grounds. I wondered what was going on but me and several other tourists were shooed away by a policeman on horseback before we could find out.

    I was also surprised to see the reviewing stands and bleachers already under construction on Pennsylvania Ave. for the inauguration.

    A great city and can’t wait to go back.

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