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Traffic went thru the roof as election day approached. I’m now getting some offers to add advertising, but the potential sponsors are kind of random (patriotic or DC-related products might make sense). This chart shows page views (not unique visitors) from the beginning of the site to this week, with this week’s final numbers partly a projection.

UPDATE: I’ve updated the chart to show the real numbers up to Saturday, and they’re even higher than I projected.


2 thoughts on “Page views

  1. I see GMA used your floor plan. Question: Does the president actually have to pay for his own dinner every night???

  2. Cool. Was it on TV or do you have a link?

    And yes, the president pays for his own food out of his $400,000 salary. But state dinners (for diplomatic guests) are paid for by the State Department. Additionally, the WH has its own operational budget of around $10 million, but even that is slim for a huge and historic mansion.

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