7 thoughts on “Best wishes

  1. AMEN. Let’s hope the Obama’s give us some looks into some rooms we have not seen since Reagan or Bush 1.

    1. Family sitting room next to Yellow Oval.
    2. Presidential Bedroom.
    3. First Lady’s Dressing Room.
    4. The two north portico bedrooms.

  2. I think the current wallpaper is the best yet; b/c I think that is when the Blue Room looked it’s best, after JBK redid it with the assistance of Msr. Boudin.

    I think that the Obama family will be very similiar to the Kennedy family in terms of a young, attractive couple with style! I’m ready to see the WH changes. I’m wondering what will be done in the Oval Office? I sure hope Pres. Obama replaces those drapes…

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see very few White House changes during the Obama administration — at least not right away. Given the current economic situation I suspect the President will be very sensitive to the charge of extravegance while so many people are suffering. The Franklin Roosevelts made very few changes to the Hoover White House until absolutely compelled to because everything was becoming so threadbare — and then most of that work was done on the cheap. Roosevelt’s rebuilding of the West Wing was the only major work he undertook, and he tried to make it as unobtrusive as possible by putting about half of it underground (at least as seen from the south) and half of it in a set-back second storey. Given all the recent interior work in the main part of the house and in the West Wing I don’t think Obama will be inclined to do much of anything as much as he might like to rid himself of W’s decor.

  4. A quick addendum. I neglected to mention that FDR also built the current East Wing in the early days of WWII. However, whatever it’s utility, I think most would agree that the East Wing is architecturally the least satisfactory part of the current White House — certainly far less pleasing than McKim’s Entrance Pavilion, which preceeded it.

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