Election day celebration

Visit the What’s New page for an election day extravaganza sourced from Architectural Digest and documenting Bush 2, Reagan, and Kennedy rooms. Some of these images were already posted in inferior form; the AD scans are top quality and just beautiful.

Also: don’t forget to vote!

3 thoughts on “Election day celebration

  1. Love the pictures. Color makes them so much more real to me. I never liked the Master Bedroom until seeing in color. Now I think I could live with it.

    I voted!

  2. Time to turn the mattress over and get out fresh linens. New folks comin’ in for awhile.
    A new administration is always a good excuse for a new tour of the second floor, perhaps more complete this time than ever before.
    Yep, Derek, that flood of pix is makin’ downloadin’ slow even at this late hour of 5.

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