The new first family

Interesting article on the Obama and McCain families and how each might use the Residence. The “small room with a balcony” must be the Clinton Music Room, but I’d never heard of the Johnson girls using it to put on plays.

UPDATE: Added a couple of beautiful, color 1958 photos of the First Lady’s Bedroom (Master) and Monroe Room (Treaty), showing what the Eisenhowers did with the residence.


4 thoughts on “The new first family

  1. I thought the little eat-in kitchen on the second floor was there before the Clintons too. Isn’t that where Ford was photographed making his own toast?

  2. Sad to see that the Presidents dont have control over the first two floors. IMO they family should have control over the whole house.

    I know if I were president the first order of buisness would be to kick that preservation commitee out of the white house.

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