New additions

I added a terrific layout of the second floor of the East Wing created by Pete Sharkey (thanks, Pete!) from materials dating from LBJ, I believe, but probably not changed much since.

I’ve also begun adding photos that Pete found. The first are a couple from the West Wing. Next will be some from the second floor of the Residence. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Fixed the What’s New page. It had become corrupted somehow.

4 thoughts on “New additions

  1. Thanks Derek for more casual photos of THE HOUSE. Much more enjoyable to see the place “at work” rather than staged. If only we could get one of the First Bedroom!!

  2. Patrick didn’t know that I was already working on the floor plans. He’s started doing some up himself. I prefer his versions and have asked Derek to post them instead. Great work Patrick!

  3. As I look at these photos, it has occured to me that no one is sitting on the furniture. Everyone is standing. I’m sure there is no rule against one’s sitting down, but I wonder if there’s so much of a museum quality to the rooms that no one is comfortable doing it. Or, maybe its just that the photographer didn’t take “sitting” photos.

  4. If you follow the link to several of the photo galleries, you’ll see some photos – not used on this site – with people sitting and eating. But, you’re right, I think it can be intimidating even if the rooms are warm and inviting. I’ve been to a reception once at the WH and it was a little intimidating to sit on a blue room chair and drink coffee.

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