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Hey, I found this great little site called Facebook, where there is a vibrant community of White House enthusiasts in a group called “White House Fanatics“.

They’ve posted some great photos on there that I don’t have that would look great hanging in the museum. There is even a floor plan of the East Wing! I’ll be contacting them soon….

Also Pete has sent some photos of the West Wing dining room and elsewhere that I plan to use.

6 thoughts on “Facebook photos

  1. Whoever this is, great call, but you’re a little late to the party…the two sites are coordinated thanks to the many good works of Derek and Peter.

    Flickr I found also has a White House photo group….

  2. Okay, sorry Derek, I see you were being funny since you posted the message… I am not awake yet.


  3. Heh, heh. I just haven’t had the time to visit Facebook regularly, and I was surprised to see so much great stuff that I didn’t know about.

  4. Yeah when I saw that Patrick was adding so many new pics (now that he has a scanner) I reminded him to always give the pics to you as well.

    Facebook always compresses the photos when you post them, so it’s better to get the originals rather than use the Facebook versions.

    I love the WHM. I swear, I have a shortcut on my browser and I must click on it ten times a day to see if there’s something new here. I never grow tired of it. And I use it a ton for my modeling projects.

  5. Wild bunch??? Sounds good to me.

    Where did the fanatics get a map of the tunnels under the White House? That’s a little worrisome.

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