New front page – TR’s new office

I’ve changed the front page for August, this time to a photo of TR in repose in his new room in the new Executive Office Building—the original West Wing (if you don’t count the stables and laundry).

6 thoughts on “New front page – TR’s new office

  1. I wonder where that globe is? If elected I would put that in my Oval Office. And of course add some color to Bush’s drab oatmeal color scheme.

  2. “In repose” in the EOB? Looks rather lifelike, doesn’t he. Must have had a good mortician who “pushed the envelope” regarding “presentation of the deceased.” LOL
    Good photo. Thanks for all you do. Just can’t resist a joke.

  3. Maps and globes are my thing. I’m drooling for this one. I’m going to covet this at least until the picture is changed. Great picture, and Teddy looks soooo lifelike!

    Happy anniversary to Derek, Pete, and all who read and write here and visit the White House Museum and Wingnut’s Workings.

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