Library 3D Model

Hi White House Museum Friends,

I’ve restarted building the White House rooms after needing to take some time away for work. If you regularly check in to the Wingnut’s Workings Blog you’ll see more frequent updates and photos of the progress. (Derek has a link located on the right in this blog page as well)

I’m currently working on the Library and will be moving on to other Ground Floor rooms after that. Rather than making any of you wait for an entire floor to be completed, each room will be given to Derek upon it’s completion for him to present it to you here at the WHM.

I will be calling upon you folks regularly for opinions on specific details and also help with providing color photos. I’ve already had help from some of you. Thank you!


P.S: For now, here is the latest screen photo of the Library:

5 thoughts on “Library 3D Model

  1. I can’t imagine how much work goes into your amazing creations! Most Winnipeggers would be lazing around in the summer sun!

  2. Great work, as usual. Pete!

    I think you should desk-top publish hundreds of little itty-bitty books to go on these shelves! : )

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