New front page – West Sitting Hall

I changed the front page to one of the West Sitting Hall around 1937.

Also, I noticed that in the Truman 1945 renovation plans for the West Wing (which were never realized), there was a better layout for the first floor than I had for anywhere near that era, so I combined it with the 1960 plan to create a composite that should be pretty accurate (if not entirely complete on the north side).

12 thoughts on “New front page – West Sitting Hall

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy this website. I am a big history buff (especially American History) and I think it is wonderful that a website featuring the home of the President of the United States exists. I have never had the opportunity to take an actual tour of the White House, but after visiting this site, I feel that I have received the VIP, behind-the-scenes tour! Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. I’m so happy to see the new front page every month! This is a fabulous one. It’s not surprising to see it’s rather common looking given ER’s disinterest in decorating. Love it! I had flashbacks to my own childhood with those ruffly slip covers all over the furniture.

  3. The Truman-era floor plan is pretty accurate. I urge you to get a book called American Monarchy by Jerrold Packard, a must have for every White House enthusiast. In in there is a terrific Reagan-era West Wing plan as well as the rest of the house. Also, if you go to there is some great interactive West Wing stuff.

    Still hoping we’ll all find that holy grail…an accurate East Wing plan.


  4. I wish that these photos could have been made in color. We would have such a better feel of the way the rooms looked. Is the chintz bright and cheery and in what colors?

    Its the lack of color photos that keeps us from knowing how the House created an image for itself.

  5. The White House Historical Association has a supplement to the Historic Guide 22ND edition. Some great photos here, especially one of the Lincoln Sitting Room I’ve never seen before!

  6. I love this pic of the 1937 West Sitting Hall – it’s very cozy and confortable looking.

  7. Why don’t you update this site
    more often..You seem to have
    run out of pictures..and why
    nothing about White House
    weddings after Jenna got married
    back on 5/10/08?

  8. Hi, JoMarTaSmall. After two years, the building is about as thoroly documented as I can make it without new inside information. I did post a bit about Jenna’s wedding, even tho it was not actually held in the White House. For more regular discussion, you can join the White House Fanatics group on Facebook; the link is on the main page of this blog.

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