New front page – Reagan and Bush

I got busy and lazy simultaneously and neglected to change the front page for June. But Becky kindly reminded me, and now I’ve changed it to a beautiful photo of President Reagan with VP Bush on the patio outside the Oval Office, from almost exactly 20 years ago.

8 thoughts on “New front page – Reagan and Bush

  1. “From almost exactly 20 years ago..” Gee, you sure know how to make a guy feel old! I feel like Reagan was President just yesterday. (But then, of course, I remember when Eisenhower was President.)

  2. Thanks, Derek, for changing the page. It’s a great picture, too. Likewise, I not only remember Reagan, but the latter years of Eisenhower as well.

  3. I love the change every month and look forward to it, so thanks! It’s a great pic, and since today Bush’s birthday, it’s even better! I’m a pest about it because I love the Museum so much. I go there just to look around almost every day.
    I remember Reagan too, but I’m not admitting to remembering Ike. Nope. Uh uh. Not happenin’.

  4. I remember Reagan as well, however eisenhower was before my time (okay, I’m getting all the stares now–I’ll be quite).

  5. And I’m the only one who can remember the haberdasher from Independence? Maybe some folks are holdin’ back?

  6. Was born during Jimmy Carter’s Tenure (actually the day the Camp David Accords were signed!)

    I too, like Becky, come here daily to just look around. No matter how often I come, I always see something new.

    Thanks again for a great site, Derek.

    Also, God Speed to the family of Tim Russert.

  7. To whom can one write for information regarding the Truman extreme makeover of the White House. I’m convinced from comparing photographs that the new second floor was raised somewhat from the Staircase landing west. It is already documented that the floor was lowered east of the landing.
    I tried emailing the Curator once via the WH website, to no avail.

  8. Hi Duane. You might want to check out the Truman Library to see what records are available there. Also check out Seale’s bibliographies for “The President’s House” and “The White House: The History of an American Idea” to see what other resources might be available.

    As a heads-up, I have found that since 9/11 detailed information on the White House’s structure and floor plans has become much harder to come by. For example, a lot of the HABS drawings that were previously available to anyone who wanted to look at them are now off limits.

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