State Dining Room furniture copies

Visitor Ben writes:

I am trying to find chairs for my
dining room similar to the gold upholstered 1902
chairs in the State Dining Room. Kittinger has a
similar chair, but it doesn’t have the same simplified
lines as the chairs in the White House collection.
Have you ever run across the manufacturer of the
chairs in any of your research? I imagine
reproductions have been made since 1902…just
wondering if you have any leads.

4 thoughts on “State Dining Room furniture copies

  1. Kittingers Furniture has made several reproductions for the White House. But mostly for West Wing, check their website and see.

  2. Two thoughts: I know that in Mr. West’s book he notes that when Mrs. Eisenhower complained about the little bentwood chairs that the Trumans had used, he had the WH carpenters build more of the gold velvet Queen Anne’s which you ask about.

    Also, you might want to check with some of the presidential libraries…the Reagan and the Nixon, in particular, have copies of these chairs on display. Maybe they could share with you who created these for them. Good luck.

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