Pope visit

Pope Benedict visited the White House today. It is his birthday, no less. I hope the president bought him Prada…..

HouChron is backstage….


8 thoughts on “Pope visit

  1. I’m not Catholic, so I don’t really get it, but I do get the idea that no matter how powerful or holy one is, one is still carted around in the back of a pickup truck. LOL!

  2. Yes, indeed, the White House was certainly “big enough for a Pope, Emperors and the (sic)Grand Llama.” Obviously,the original speaker had never been to Europe. Who was it that said it?

  3. Dennis, I think it was Thomas Jefferson. Jackie Kennedy used the quote in the introduction to her 1962 White House TV tour, but (intentionally?)left out the reference to the “pope” – probably not wishing to draw attention to the issue of Catholicism.

  4. I *think* the original quote was that Jefferson thought the White House was “Big enough for the Pope, two emperors, and the Grand Llama”.

    I may have the order of that mixed up.

  5. the pope must feel underprivaldged having to stay at the white house tho compared to the vatican

  6. The Pope didn’t stay at the White House. He stayed at the Vatican Empassy, the home of the Papal Nuncio.

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