6 thoughts on “Happy 90th, Mrs. Ford

  1. Yes, happy birthday Betty, and thanks for speaking out about so many issues at a time it was unfashionable for women to have the courage to do it. You still have my admiration and gratitude.

  2. I know the Ford’s redid the West? Sitting hall with the floral draperies, replacing the yellow Nixon curtains. I guess for the 1970’s they were in fashion…*ahem*

    I like the Ford’s Oval Office choices, replacing the Gold Nixon drapes and bright blue rug with more muted gold and rust tones.

    I never liked their choice of removing the wallpaper in the Presidents Dining Room and painting the walls yellow, though I do understand Mrs. Ford’s reasoning behind it, that she didn’t like to look at scenes of death and war while she ate!

    I can’t think of any other big changes from the Ford Era, other than moving the present Green Room chandelier to its current location in 1975…

    Thoughts? Comments?

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