New front page – Ike in the theater

President Eisenhower sits quietly and comfortably in his easy chair in the Family Theater, where he spent so many hours watching western after western. No foolin’.

8 thoughts on “New front page – Ike in the theater

  1. I guess black tie lounging was all the rage in the 50s. Must have been a guy flick. Nary a woman there.

  2. Seeing the photo reminds me of JBK’s words, “Pullman car ashtray stands” as quoted by West.

  3. I saw that picture and immediately thought “now THAT looks like a happening party!”

    What does everyone think of the theater since Laura Bush re-did it? I know this came up a few weeks ago. I think it looks very 1920’s….

  4. I actually don’t mind the red. Initially I thought maybe it was tacky but when it comes to a movie environment red is more appealing/exciting for me.

  5. Where did all the women go?!!
    There are no women in that photo..
    Oh well maybe they were upstairs
    baking cookies…

  6. Or watching their *own* movie. 😉
    Mamie was probably upstairs decorating, though – putting her fodder shocks, witches and pumpkins in the Center Hall for Halloween.
    The woman loved to decorate. I’m not sure she was fond of baking though. I think Ike was the chef of the family – famous for grilling.

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