Welcome, newcomers!

I just looked at the Web stats for the WHM for the first time in several weeks and found that traffic is up considerably. The site first broke 30,000 page views a week in February of 2007 and held steady thru-out summer and fall until December, when visitorship went up markedly. Since then, we’ve been enjoying about 60,000 page views a week.

Welcome to everyone who found us in the last couple of months!

2 thoughts on “Welcome, newcomers!

  1. And just remember folks that at the $75.00 level you get this great canvas tote bag *and* the Oval Office coffee mug! Oh, Janelle, I hear those phones ringing now! That’s all the time we have for *this* pledge break, but before we go back to our show – “Really, Really Old 1950’s Do-wop Artists Who Are Still Living” – remember that at the $50,000.00 level you get the tote bag, the coffee mug AND a night in the Lincoln Bedroom! So come on! Give us a call now!

  2. I am here everyday, I absolutely love your web site, you did a fantastic job. I’m hooked on every detail, and i just can’t help myself, I ‘m here every day!!!!


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