Road trip: Reagan Library

I’m currently working in far-flung Rancho Cordova, California, near Sacramento, which Google places 6 hours away from the Reagan Library in Simi Valley and 6-and-a-half from the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda.

I think I’ll plan to stay over one weekend and visit those locations as well as San Francisco. Does anyone who has visited those libraries have any travel tips? Traveling on business, I have the luxury of staying overnight in that area, giving me a jump on the next day.

3 thoughts on “Road trip: Reagan Library

  1. You are going to love both the Libraries. Each one very evocative of the man. The interesting thing about the Nixon–other than the authentic East Room reproduction that you can rent for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs–is that it is built right next to the house that Nixon was born in. The house was never moved, never remodeled (And his sister-in-law saved every tchochke) so when the adjacent land became available, it was snapped up. I also think they do a pretty good job of being fair and balanced in presenting Watergate and Nixon’s other warts.

    The Reagan is a beautiful setting, a good collection and–again, evocative of the Reagans–very Hollywood (and I mean that in a good way). It truly is a shining city on a hill. And the Air Force One Pavillion! To walk thru the actual plane is an experience not to be missed. Get there as soon as the museum opens and walk directly to the AFI Pavillion. This way you can take your time walking thru the plane and not be herded along by the masses.

    And while in the LA area, you might want to check out the breath-taking Getty Center in Brentwood. And if you’re there, you can cruise over to 680 St. Cloud Rd and see Nancy Reagan’s home…and then just a short jaunt to Pacific Palisades to see the home they left for the White House. And then…oh, you get the picture…tons to do and have a ball!

  2. Derek….if GOOGLE places you six hours away, you are liable to be able to wask out of your hotel into the Library!!! Don’t miss the Air Force One (SAM27000) exhibit! Get lots of photos! Jealous!

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