New front page – Reagan Green Room

I’ve changed the front page to the 1982 Green Room, a nice bit of color in the gray weather.

16 thoughts on “New front page – Reagan Green Room

  1. I have to admit that these Christmas decorations look WAY better than the more recent ones. It’s gotten vastly overdone in the last few years – vulgar even. If I want fake snow, with all sorts of Yule glop dripping off of various surfaces I can always go to the Mall! (grump, grump…)

    Nancy had *taste*! Who knew!! Nice choice of picture – thanks Derek – wherever you are!

  2. Scott, I have it and it has some great pictures – nothing earth shattering – but she really knew how to throw a party and use the WH to it’s full advantage for entertaining. She’s done a lot for the old place!

  3. Love the new front picture, and I always look forward to them. It almost looks “cozy”. I think it’s beautiful.
    Thank you!

  4. I remember in a 1992 interview Barbara Bush said that she wouldn’t come down to the State Floor and curl up with a good book. I think I’d love to curl up in front of the Green Room fireplace on a cold day with a cup of coffee and a good book…

  5. Back in the 19th century First Families actually used the State Floor rooms for family gatherings. I think it would set a really good example to the country to use these rooms used for private times as well as more formal functions. Why *not* go down to the Green Room and settle into one of the Phyfe easy chairs – it’s what they were made for, after all! Why not have a smaller table at the end of the State Dining Room and have dinner there from time to time and just sit and groove on the wonderful McKim, Mead and White architecture. Look at it long enough and you might learn a thing or two! Americans have become so “overcasualized” that many have no idea how to behave in a setting like that. They feel deprived if they don’t have big squishy deep-foam chairs and sofas every where they go, under every circumstance. I know I’m a romantic, and I don’t want the whole world to be like a Jane Austen movie, but I think a little more familiarity with a few basic social conventions would do us all good.

    That way we might know not to wear flip-flops to the White House!

    (rant, rant, rant…)

    Ok, now excuse me while I go back to my squshy chair and have some coffee… in my khaki shorts, flip-flops and Tshirt…

    : )

  6. John in nola,
    Reading your comments made me think of how the Hoovers had formal dinner in the State Dining Room every night in their best clothes….

  7. I agree with John about the Christmas decorations. Sometimes less IS more. The White House looked beautiful at Christmas, but not in a homey, usable kind of way. It became more of a showcase, in my opinion, of how much could be put up. Really, how many trees do they need? And, you could barely see the fireplaces for the decorations. I think Nancy’s Green Room does show restrained good taste.

    And thanks Derek, for the new front page. I hope that the front page is one part of the site that you will be able to maintain. I look forward to a new page every month.

  8. Funny you all should be commenting on dress code in the WH. I showed the WHHA video Where History Lives to my students. One of them “had a fit” about the dress of some of the visitors shown in the video. “Don’t they have a dress code for the WH?” I thought it pretty interesting a group of teenagers thought you should be dressed nicely to tour the WH.

  9. The last time I toured the WH, the tickets were mailed to our house, and with them, specific instructions not to wear jeans, and collared shirts would be appropriate. I don’t think it said anything about shoes though. I mean after all, we’re tourists, and we wear sneakers.
    That was several years ago. Maybe things have changed.

  10. You may want to wear brightly-colored hunting vests; just in case VP Cheney is around….

  11. I have a really lurid, fluorescent orange fleece pull-over I got in Cincinnati I can wear. Since I live in New Orleans, I of course already have a flack-jacket…

  12. I have Nancy Reagan's book on Entertaining in the White House & I like it as it is quite informative. I think Nancy Reagan had a lot of class & returned much dignity to WH entertaining & somewhat unjustly criticized, though I am not a Republican, nor a big fan of her husband. However, I was struck with the thought while reading this book that it was written not to be outdone by Hillary Clinton's book on White House Entertaining, which by the way, I absolutely love & pick up often to read again.

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