8 thoughts on “Gizmodo hating on Laura

  1. Well, I didn’t want to say anything on the Facebook discussion, but the first thing I thought was that Belle Watling must have had a hand in it.

  2. Reading the comments below that article tells me how stupid people are and how classy the posters at WHM are.

  3. Thank you, Pete. You are absolutely right. In fact, many posters on many blogs show no manners, no class, no education at all.

    As to the theater, it does remind me of the old movies theaters that I knew as a kid, with brilliant color, paintings, chandeliers, even one with a white grand piano on a side stage. That is all gone now, primarily to the multiplex theaters of our current time.

    You know, Belle did have some “redeeming” qualities. She always loved Rhett and helped “The Cause.”

    And, the use of “big ass” chairs goes way back, all the way to the Eisenhowers. The article writer should have checked out WHM photos for a history of the theater before writing.

    Sometimes it is better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought stupid,instead of opening it and removing all doubt.

  4. Gizmodo would have flipped out to find out that (according to Ben Bradlee) JFK had a double bed installed in the front row to “ease his back.”

  5. Did JFK *really* have a bed set up in the theater? I never knew that! What a hoot! And how ironic, on so many levels…

    Belle Watling was always one of my favorite GWTW characters. Didn’t she decorate the Clinton Lincoln Sitting Room? (“Do they *really* have cut-glass chandeliers and plush velvet, Dr. Meade!??” ? “Miz Meade!!! REMEMBER YOURSELF!!!!)

  6. I know if Belle would pull her carriage up to the front of my house today, I would go outside and invite her in. Heart of gold, that woman. If Miz Meade and Mellie weren’t upset when their misters visited her, she must be OK. Yes I think she decorated the Lincoln visitin’ pahlah. Gives me the vapors!

  7. Your GWTW quotes are wonderful–I can almost see and hear the characters. A wonderful book/movie. When I taught Georgia history (a hundred years ago) I always showed the movie. Now our home ec. teacher has picked up that mantle. But, I still enjoy hearing the students talk about it when she shows it.

    Can you imagine watching GWTW in the WH theater? It would almost be like the 1939 Atlanta Premier!!!!!

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