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I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to this site recently, partly because I’ve run out of photos and other good historical material to improve it. This is something I anticipated happening after about 3 months, but I got such good encouragement and tips from other enthusiasts that I had plenty to keep me busy for a year and a half. Thanks!

The other reason is that I went researching WordPress as an alternative to Blogger (since many have had trouble with the Blogger commenting system) and ended up creating a whole new site relevant to a different hobby of mine: movies. As regular readers know, I’ve done several audio commentaries for movies set in the White House and more still for other movies. I decided to create a site where others can submit their commentaries, so there is a central repository for movie and television commentaries available on the Web. Check it out at Zarban.com, if you like that sort of thing.

I’m liking WordPress a lot, so I may convert this blog one of these days.

13 thoughts on “WordPress and more

  1. It looks like it’s going to be fun and I can’t wait to try it out.
    The Oval Office and White House Museum are great and even if there will be fewer posts. Won’t keep me from scouring room after room in the White House, and you made it possible, and I want to say thank you. Thank you!
    I can see I’m going to be spending more time as a couch potato, watching films and listening to commentary!

  2. Might I be so bold as to make a suggestion?

    Often there have been various W.H. topics that I would have liked to discuss. Derek, perhaps a feature on the site to let your loyal site visitors post various W.H. topics of their choosing? Of course, the last thing that I want is the site to devolve into some sort of silly free-for-all; so maybe something where we have to register and be approved by the moderator? Just a thought; my 2-cents worth.

    As always, my hat is off to Derek for a superb site. Rarely is there a day I don’t check the site to see what’s new!

  3. My thanks, too, Derek, for this wonderful site. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that there will always be that photo or news item added when one comes along. I like Scott’s idea very much, but I would be careful not to duplicate the Facebook page. Perhaps, if you could publish directions on how to send photos to you that would be helpful, especially for me and others who have no idea how to do it.

  4. I too thank Derek for this amazing site and all of the terrific pictures and information AND for the opportunity to meet a whole community of like-minded White House Geeks! It has enriched my life no end!

    Hey – if there’s no new information on the goings-on at the White House, you could just make up stuff and post it anyway! No, wait – that would be *journalism*, wouldn’t it? : )

  5. I’m changing all of my incandescent light bulbs at home out to the new compact fluorescent ones. I’ve been very pleased so far. The light they give off is virtually the same as a regular bulb and they’re so cool to the touch you can almost hold them while they are on. I plan to go to Bermuda on the money I save…

    I know it has nothing at all to do with the White House, but it *is* my effort to Go Green – and it IS something new to read here… If I had my own blog, I would take pictures of the new light bulbs glowing away. : )

  6. i love you web site, love the white house, and what it stands for, many of my friends know how crazy I am for this wonderful building. maybe you should create a site where all white house enthuists can all talk, and exchange drawings and there love for this building. maybe i haven’t found that website yet, if so where can i log on to chat about it! thank you derek for such an informative website. Ndkott

  7. Ndkott says, what would be really neat, is a 360 degree virtual white house, to where you can go thru the entire house, upstairs, open doors, walk from room to room, as if you were there on your own personal tour!!! That would be the most visited site on the web!!!
    All thanks to you!!!how about it??

  8. Derek, thanks for all you’ve done. Changing the blogger thingy? Good. Everytime I wish to post I must go through the sign-up business to do so–or am I missing the obvious somehow?

    John in Nola, the Boston Globe has a piece on the contortions people must go through to clean up after breaking one of those new bulbs–almost requiring HASMAT to come out. This is progress? Only among greenies! LOL You’re right on about “journalism,” though.

  9. Say it isn’t so, Derek! I don’t want to go back to that pathetic WHHA site. Besides, what if you come across those elusive Master Bedroom pics? Will you create a “Breaking News” segment here?

  10. Hi Rebel –
    Yep. It’s me. Wandering the WH, trying to connect with old Abe’s ghost.
    Um, if you sit around holding your lightbulbs while they’re on, could you please post a picture? That’s something I’d just loooove to see!

  11. one more little thing…
    I still love the changes of the front page of WHM every month, and I hope those will continue!!

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