Nancy Reagan hospitalized

86-year-old Nancy Reagan was hospitalized after a fall in her home. She attended the funeral of Merv Griffin last year and seems to otherwise be in good health. Best wishes to her and her family.

12 thoughts on “Nancy Reagan hospitalized

  1. When I think of Mrs. Reagan I remember what she once said regarding her redecoration of the 2nd floor with Ted Graber. She said that one evening in 1981 when all the changes had been done a butler came to her and said “this is what the White House is supposed to look like.” Mrs. Reagan said “that was my Oscar.”

    A class act.

  2. I understand then Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil, after leaving a White House function, made a trip back to the second floor to pay a similar compliment to Mrs. Reagan.

  3. She really did make it beautiful. If you look at the pics from the late 1970’s and compare them to the pics of the early 1980’’s no contest!

  4. I think it’s wonderful that now Mrs. Reagan gets the credit she so well deserves. I can remember at the time she was so wrongly critized by the press for her efforts–and her china!

  5. I just saw that the AP is reporting that Nancy Reagan has been released from the hospital and is now back home – and I’m sure we all wish her the very best!

  6. Nnacy Reagan was greatly criticized especially in the early month’s of President Reagan’s first administration. I believe history will tend to judge Mrs. Reagan more kindly than she was viewed when she served as first lady. One has to truly admire the love, support and care she gave to the former president as Alzheimer’s took more and more control of his mind and spirit.


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