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I got a copy (two, actually) of AD at O’Hare while traveling today. The photos are beautiful, altho I wish we’d seen one or two of the private rooms (even the Family Kitchen!). The Green Room looks great and the Lincoln Bedroom is marvelous, but the Queens’ Bedroom is as frumpy as ever. You’d think that first families would be more adventurous with the lesser known guest room. The Vermeil Room is somehow still boring, despite the goldware. It’s nice to see the Palm Room, tho.

Also, I must say, the Porsche advertising insert was very persuasive. It fairly convinced me that I want a Porsche. But what is with that ad on page 35? Are they selling Isabella Rosselini? As much as I admire her beauty and talent, I won’t be a part of the illicit film star trade.

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  1. The thing that surprised me is that you actually pay attention to ads! Had to refer back to page 35, and that Porsche ad is long gone to the trash, not even opened. All I remember is that it was glued shut. Too much effort to unseal it just to read an ad, even if it is for Porsche!
    As for the real pics, I loved seeing, but think the Queens Room is Hilton-like.

  2. You are being kind Becky. I think the Queens Bedroom looks like its been hosed down in Pepto Bismol! Guess I’m not a huge fan of pink. πŸ˜€

  3. You are being kind Becky. I think the Queens Bedroom looks like its been hosed down in Pepto Bismol! Guess I’m not a huge fan of pink. πŸ˜€

  4. I like the fabric of the bedding, but I think the walls are too pink. Also, I don’t like the fabric of the draperies. Even if it is a darker version of what was there before. Also, anyone else notice they switched the two portraits in the room? One other thing–the mahogany secretary was once in JBK’s Green Room.

  5. Yes Derek, apparently they *are* selling Isabella Rosselini. DANG,she looks good for 55! Amazing what they can do with a soft lens, hunh?

    Every time I see a Porsche I think of the bright red 911 Targa my Mom had when I was a kid (back when mere mortals could actually afford them). My brother (who was in college at the time) badgered her for *weeks* to let him take it down to Baton Rouge (LSU) for homecoming weekend. She finally relented and off he went. That was the weekend the Mississippi River decided to flood and he had it parked on the levee, near some bar or something. Long story short, the Porsche was underwater for a while and had to be towed home (north Louisiana) on a flatbed truck… Mom’s next car wasn’t nearly so exotic – a Datsun (Datsun!) Z-car…

  6. Yes, I did notice JBK’s secretary from the Green Room. I have always liked it. In 1992 photos it is in a bedroom on the third floor.

  7. I think we should be careful about colors. There is really no way to tell the true colors unless you are actually standing in a well-lit room.

    It is the Rose bedroom, so it might be that it is Rose with a slightly more pinkish tint accentuated by photography.

    Just a thought. Did anyone notice those new “things” on the top of the bed above the canopy? What are they called?

  8. I’m still surprised that Architectural Digest is touting the rooms as “redone” by Laura Bush when it appears that only the Lincoln Bedroom has been redone. It looks great, but the other rooms have only been minimally updated.

  9. Yes, I think it’s time to lose the pink in the Queens Bedroom. Also, I would have love to have seen the New Lincoln Sitting Room.

    Otherwise, I really enjoyed the issue.

    Now, can we please redecorate the Blue Room and get new drapes for the East Room? πŸ™‚

  10. I was just looking at President Kennedy’s bed and if I’m not mistaken the finials from his bed are now the ones being used in the Queen’s Bedroom.

  11. You’re absolutely right! I knew I had seen those finials somewhere before.

    I wonder whatever happened to the bed? It doesn’t appear in any photos after LBJ, including all the good ones of the 3rd floor bedrooms on this site.

  12. Dennis, I know that Nixon used the same room as JFK and LBJ as his bedroom. I have never seen any pics of his room to know if he used the same bed or not. Since the finials are detachable I guess that’s all they needed of the bed for now. The rest of it is probably stored in a secret govt. warehouse somewhere in VA or MD.

  13. I am not all that impressed by the photos in AD, either my eyesight is going (MORE) or those photos had a soft focus to them. I think the Green Room looks smashing. Someone tell me…is that the same watered silk redyed or is it new? That wasn’t clear to me. I like the ecru, but it needs something. It’s all too beigy-beigy for me. Needs some color to pop. Also…when have you ever seen a President’s desk completely cleared off? No phones. It appears that the Resolute desk is much lighter than in past years. If the Lincoln Bedroom MUST be Victorian, I think it at least has some interest now, but the cornices over the drapery on the windows scream discount exhibit supplier!

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