White House whispers

An anonymous tip pointed me in the direction of Duron paint as the source of the White House’s “whisper white” exterior paint. This enabled me to dig up a couple of old articles and prompted me to change the answer to the question asked some time ago about it.

3 thoughts on “White House whispers

  1. Related to the painting of the White House, why don’t they paint the 3rd floor the same color as the rest of the building. I’ve noticed from many pictures that the 3rd floor appears to be a darker color … maybe a tan … when viewed from aerial photos.

  2. Well, the Duron site says that its satin exterior acrylic weighs about 11 pounds per gallon. One coat of 570 gallons would weigh 6270 pounds, or a little over 3 tons. The thirty-two layers removed in 1992 would add up to just over 100 tons, probably more, since the layers of old lead-based paint were probably heavier.

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