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Today is Super Bowl Sunday. With football gradually taking over from baseball as the national past time, how long will it be before the president of the United States starts flipping the Super Bowl coin rather than (or in addition to) throwing out the first baseball of the season?

Ford was a big football fan. Did he ever preside over the first football game of the season?

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  1. Super Bowl? What Super Bowl?! It’s MARDI GRAS, baby!!!! WE don’t need any of this football stuff to divert us from what’s REALLY inportant this weekend – PARADES!!!! the BAL MASQUE!!! DANCING IN THE STREETS!!!MADNESS!! MISRULE!! Police cars screaming all around my house right now – helocopters churning overhead with cameras! New Orleans LIVES!!!

  2. You behave yourself, Rebel.
    Anyway, I love the first pitch of The Season, and hope it never changes because I’m a long- suffering baseball fan (of the Cubs).
    I wouldn’t mind seeing the President flip the coin at football though, as long as baseball remains the American “past time”.
    Makes me sad to think baseball is being replaced by football, but baseball has caused its own problems, I’m sorry to say.
    Go Cubs! It’s 56 days until Opening Day, and hope springs eternal!

  3. I have a question that has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. In reviewing the layout of the White House 3rd floor, I’ve noticed several bedrooms, etc. But can someone tell me what comprises the rooms listed as “the penthouse” … these are the rooms that are not labeled on the 3rd floor layout. Is the “penthouse” used for security, or are there bedrooms for visiting guests?

    Also, another quick question, concerning any renovations made to “The Residence” itself. Because the White House is now listed as a museum, are there any special approvals needed by the first family to make structural/decorating modifications to the Residence …. or is this merely at the pleasure of the sitting president …. budget allowing?

  4. Those rooms on the 3rd floor were originally available as “live in” space for permanent domestic staff needing to be available 24/7, and for any First Family’s own private domestic staff. The Kennedy’s had two live-ins they brought with them in addition to Maude Shaw. I believe the Johnson’s had at least Zephyr Wright, their cook etc. there with them. If I remember correctly the Carter’s ended this practice and those rooms were given to his son(s) and their families that lived at the White House. Mr. Scouten confirmed that no permanent staff is alloted space to live in the White House anymore, for me when I spent time with him in 1985. Obviously, the First Family is still free to bring anyone they choose to live there, but I believe they have to basically pay the gov’t “rent” on those rooms etc. for the expenses of non-First Family residents. I think those rooms have now been basically added to the other guest bedrooms available on the 3rd floor, and for some security personnel. (What do you think, maybe for the boys on the roof?) Sounds like a boy band doesn’t it?

    The First Family can make most changes they wish on the 2nd and 3rd floors. All changes to the Ground and State floors must be cleared first, and many changes are not allowed at all, ie. changing the Blue Room to the Yellow Room etc. It was rumored, before moving in Jan. 1981, that Mrs. Reagan wanted to take out part or all of the wall between the Lincoln Bedroom and Lincoln Sitting Room (not true by the way) and Mr. West said if it were a structurally sound change she could carry out the change. He used Mrs. Kennedy’s family kitchen and pantry and elevator hall as an example.

  5. I was under the impression that First Family renovation “rights” did not include the suites at the eastern end of the second floor. The Kennedy renovation of the nw corner room amounted only to changes within the four walls, so to speak, of each of the two rooms (formerly, sitting- or bedroom and accompanying bath), no? I can’t imagine any approval could be had for converting a suite into one large room, given the fact that these corner suites existed from the beginning. Of course, the space above the Entrance Hall was once one large room, but that was so long ago.
    Also, if each First Family can have its way with interior decor-ation of rooms, did someone fail to tell them about that NE corner room? It must have the title by now as the one room in the WH untouched for the longest period of time. Or maybe it’s being preserved for HM,EIIR should she make a return visit to mark the diamond jubilee of the first overnighter. Given longevity on the maternal side, that jubilee might well be the 75th year and not the 60th!

  6. Considering the length of time between Her Majesty’s visits, I doubt that she will make another state visit to Washington. Her last (before 2007) was 1991.

  7. The Queen and Lincoln suites must be able to be changed, I assume though, as with the Ground and State floor rooms, changes must be approved. The Queen’s Bedroom has changed quite a lot since 1962-63, with the QSR virtually untouched. I imagine that keeping the QSR as Mrs. Kennedy left it, is more out of “tribute” to her than as a courtesy to HRH QE II.
    The Lincoln Bedroom had minor changes until Laura Bush’s changes. The LSR was basically untouched until Hillary did to it what she did. (I do declare, I still think it looks like Belle Watling’s waiting room!) Didn’t I read an entry here somewhere that Laura has “toned down” the LSR?
    But I would imagine that if any First Family or just the First Lady wanted to do anything too outrageous the Chief Usher and others would, at the least, strongly balk at carrying out the request. As I remember Mr. West was able to discourage Mrs. Kennedy on more than a couple of her requests.
    I’m sure that funds also play a huge part in what is and isn’t done.

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