Menorah lighting

The president hosted a ceremony to light a menorah the other day, this year in the Entrance Hall. They clearly do these lighting ceremonies in locations with tile floors to minimize the risk of the president a clumsy person burning down the mansion, but you would think the East Room would be a better place. Just put down a fire-resistant rug or something. In preparation for hosting the menorah lighting, they had the Kitchen kosherized again.

Open post: Lincoln on ice

ABC chose the statue of Lincoln outside the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL to illustrate the nasty weather in the Midwest. I wonder sometimes if George Washington had weather in mind when he chose the site for DC: a nice mix of four seasons without too much snow in the winter. The heat might have been more than he counted on tho, altho it can’t be much different at Mount Vernon.

UPDATE: my own photo of an icy branch.

Ground Floor Question

Hi all! Peter here.

To further assist with the building of the 3D models I have a question for you. In the floor plan for the ground floor of the residence, the Vermeil Room and Map Room show some built-in shelves with doors. However my general sense is that some of the shelves are now gone.

Specifically, the south wall of the Map Room. Are those shelves still present? And the Vermeil Room, newer photos don’t show shelves along the west wall. While we have compiled many great photos here, perhaps someone knows about the detail not shown.

Thank you. 🙂