6 thoughts on “Jackson’s White House

  1. Thanks for the Jackson era floor plan. Now I have to go to the history books to find out who Donelson and Earl were. I hate when than happens.

  2. Jack Donelson was the president’s secretary. Emily Donelson was the president’s niece and WH hostess. REW Earl was the president’s widowed nephew-in-law and the portrait painter. Not shown is the fact that the president’s friend and adviser Major William Lewis occupied the Yellow Bedroom.

  3. Thanks, Dereck, for providing the background. Lewis certainly had a whopper of a bedroom, the size of the Entrance Hall below. Would have made a nice efficiency.
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  4. Wasn’t the Yellow Bedroom at first intended to be the “State Bedroom” for important guests?

    It’s no wonder that they finally divided the Yellow Bedroom in two. I think they should have left out the small hall to the window and kept one of the two resulting bedrooms larger than the other.

  5. Don’t forget that the little north hall was used as a bedroom for nannies, so it served a useful purpose itself before becoming a closet hall.

  6. Yes, that's true. It's too bad there are no photos of it being used as a nannies room, one wonders just how wide it was. TR & EKR used it for maids, and Maude Shaw, the Kennedy nanny, stayed there. I supposed twin beds were placed against the walls.

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