New front page – column capital

Somehow I got busy and completely forgot to change the front page this month. I’ve changed it now to a capital from a column on the South Portico. I’ve forgotten where I got the picture, but it’s nice.

Per usual, you can find all the front pages in the gallery.

UPDATE: Fixed the link on the gallery page.


12 thoughts on “New front page – column capital

  1. It’s not a knock against the pic, but the closer you get to detail-work of the building the more you see the thick globs of dozens of coats of paint.

  2. Thanks Derek for the new picture. I actually used it in a class. My seniors were asking questions about the White House paint. I was able to show them this cover picture and some of the detail work after the paint had been removed. Thanks again.

  3. There can’t be that many coats of paint since the White House was completely stripped of all paint, down to the stone, during the late 80s and early 90s, before being repainted.

  4. Yes, when I was on summer garden tour I looked really close up at the columns. Was a great day to see them after being stripped of the years of paint. I could imagine myself and Bess Truman sipping Old Fashionds on the balcony. sb

  5. This is a great detail photo not always found. Now for “off subject” information. I received an early copy of a new book called, “Entertaining at the White House with Nancy Reagan”. It’s now available on Amazon for the best price I understand. It’s a great book. LOTS of photos. Yes, some have been seen a lot, most have not. It shows everything from teas to State Dinners inside and outside, concerts in the Yellow Oval Room, and drinks out on the Truman Balcony, and lots of celebrities. Definitely check it out.

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