Open post: Nothing new

I went looking for new things to add to the site or to blog about and got off track looking at a political blog which distracted me with an old speech by Bill Clinton where he uses the phrase “Yore Kippur,” so I went searching for it and found a small number of reliable sources that also used it but no explanation, so I put a note on the talk page of “Yom Kippur” article in Wikipedia.

Sometimes I hate the Internet.

OOPDATE: It’s apparently just a typo, altho why it appeared in a presidential speech in multiple places, I don’t know. You know who’s responsible for this? Some schmendrick, I bet. Possibly a fakakta schmendrick.

6 thoughts on “Open post: Nothing new

  1. Oh, yes, Derek, hate internet, but know that it will always tempt you, call your name, and seduce you with just one more website, just one more search, just one more minute sitting at the keyboard. Try turning your head and looking the other way as you walk by that infernal keyboard and monitor, but whatever light is shining from it will pierce your soul.

    It has seduced us all and we cannot live without it. What misery to be away from it for over an hour! Who won’t immediately, upon returning home or to the office, check email and the White House Museum website hoping beyond hope that there may be a Face Book Message or yet another photo of Jackie’s Yellow Oval Room.

  2. Neither my best girlfriend (Orthodox) nor her husband (Reformed) have heard the term “Yore Kippur”, and they’re fairly observant of the holidays. I’ve attended many services with them and can’t remember the term either.
    She got a chuckle from realizing she is in the dark about this though. I told her to look here at OO, and at the WHM while I was at it, and I hope it will spark another interest in the WH!
    Dennis is so right, I’m always thinking of things I should be doing instead of the Internet. Fortunately, I’ve learned to push that thought out of my mind!

  3. Derek this is off-topic and I apologize but I don’t know where to post this:
    Do you have a picture of “Union” and “Liberty” when they were on the ceiling of the East Room? There may be one at the WHM but I’ve missed it if it’s there.
    Also, one of my books refers to an “Orangery”.
    What’s that?

  4. Are you sure? An orangery is difficult and expensive to maintain. It’s a whole tropical environment, you know. My understanding is that Jackson’s Orangery had 6 orange trees, 4 banana trees, 3 mango trees, 2 coconut trees, 8 wild boars, a piranha-filled stream, 13 naked savages, 2 Jesuit missionaries, and 1 conquistador.

  5. Well, now that you mention it, oranges are pretty plentiful around here, so I’ll pass, but those naked savages and piranhas sure sound fun. I think I’ll do what Pete did – put a plate of food out and let them grow on their own.

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