Open post: Nothing new

I went looking for new things to add to the site or to blog about and got off track looking at a political blog which distracted me with an old speech by Bill Clinton where he uses the phrase “Yore Kippur,” so I went searching for it and found a small number of reliable sources that also used it but no explanation, so I put a note on the talk page of “Yom Kippur” article in Wikipedia.

Sometimes I hate the Internet.

OOPDATE: It’s apparently just a typo, altho why it appeared in a presidential speech in multiple places, I don’t know. You know who’s responsible for this? Some schmendrick, I bet. Possibly a fakakta schmendrick.

7 thoughts on “Open post: Nothing new

  1. This is an open post, so anything at all is fine, and questions about the WH are always on topic. I have pics of Union and Liberty in the room where they are now: the Palm Room, in the ground floor between the Residence and the West Wing. Maybe I’ll add them to the East Room page too, but I don’t know where in the chronology they fit. And I believe the Orangery was a small orange tree greenhouse added by Andrew Jackson.

  2. Are you sure? An orangery is difficult and expensive to maintain. It’s a whole tropical environment, you know. My understanding is that Jackson’s Orangery had 6 orange trees, 4 banana trees, 3 mango trees, 2 coconut trees, 8 wild boars, a piranha-filled stream, 13 naked savages, 2 Jesuit missionaries, and 1 conquistador.

  3. I have an orange tree (with oranges) growing at my back door. Does that count? BTW I’m in southeast GA.

  4. I left a plate of scrap food in an room in the basement for a year and it became an orangery tropical garden all on it’s own. I think if I close the door and leave it for another year I’ll also have some naked savages running around.

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