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Time‘s photo blog is an interesting thing. On occasion, I’ve gotten some very good WH interior photos from the site, altho they tend to be odd and ambiguous. Today’s photo is of a “lower press office,” which I assume to mean an office belonging to the press secretary’s staff located in the ground floor of the West Wing and not an office shared by press correspondents from The Peoria Thrifty Nickel and Inside Edition.

UPDATE: Anonymous explains that it’s actually a press secretary staff office off the briefing room.

A couple of days ago—as was noted in comments by Winnipeg’s Mike B—Time labeled a picture of the Diplomatic Reception Room as the “Indian Treaty Room” (which is a big meeting hall in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building across from the White House). Anyone who reads the comments on this blog knows that I have no room to criticize anyone for mislabeling WH locations, but that was an odd one.

Generally, the pictures are not of the action of an event but of preparation for it or of figures at the margins, often members of the press themselves. They expanded it to allow for pictures of the “race to the White House” and not just the WH itself, which is a little annoying. Sometimes I think it’s really meant as an artsy outlet for the creative tendencies of the WH press photographers, but some of the shots are just boring or newsy.

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  1. Derek,

    I don’t think mistaking one room for another when both are actually in the White House and you are going from older photographs is the same as Time Reporters who are in and out of there all the time calling a room by a name that has been been used in the White House.

  2. the Lower Press Room is not in the WW basement. It is outside the Press Room itself. One give away is the flatscreen which was installed during the recent ronovation. You have to go down a couple of steps to get to the press room, thus….Lower Press Room.

  3. I’m always impressed with the quality of the photos they produce, but [Start Mr. Furley swagger]they really need to vet this stuff through the experts at the WHM before they print it. [End Mr Furley swagger]

  4. I actually had an idea once where I thought should the WHM grow big enough (whatever that means) that it would have it’s own News and Information area so to speak so as to warrant getting press credentials from the White House and reporting from there VERY OFTEN.

    I’d totally quit my job and move to Washington for that job. We could arrange for specific interviews to happen in various parts of the White House interviewing staff and such while they show us some piece of furniture or some obscure spot in the house. And then post the mini news spot on YouTube or something.

    It’s unrealistic but a guy can dream.

  5. In case you were wondering….the President sits to the left at teh head of the table and faces West Executive Drive. The screen to the left in this picture is a window, the other screen is in front of another window. The screens in this room raise and lower as needed. On the WW-Gl map, it is the room marked “Briefing Room”. this is the President’s room of the four Secure Videoteleconference room available in the SitRoom. The “Upper Deck” rooms are both UNCLASS and the President’s and overflow room near the watchstanders are CLASS.

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