I have 13% of all Library of Congress materials

The cat is out of the bag. While I was in Washington, I stopped by the Library of Congress and slipped away with 13% of their materials. I stuffed the 17 million items in my pants and walked out without permission (the trick is, as you waddle past the guard, to mumble “I have got to go on a diet!”).

My motive was simply to have materials to start my own library, but I also always wanted to learn something about radial aircraft engines, the Polish monarchy, and Native American weaving. In my defense, I intended to photocopy the materials and then put them all back. Which reminds me: I also took one of those high-speed book photocopiers and 80,000 reams of paper.

3 thoughts on “I have 13% of all Library of Congress materials

  1. Nice haul! Going back for more? I volunteer to scout the White House book section prior to your next heist.

  2. If you wanta come down to Louisiana, I’ll be glad to give you another 17,000 (or so) books, if you can bring your own backhoe… And a Ryder rent-a-truck…

    Oh LORD, just the *thought* of moving all this crap to Ohio… Where did I GET all these books?

    I’ve GOT to go on a book diet!!

  3. I don’t think I’m going back for a second haul. I got all the WH-related materials and then some. An astonishing amount of what is left is pornography anyway.

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