Inside the White House

Added several photos I got from Inside the White House by Betty Boyd Caroli.

Big storm knocked out access to the series of tubes that is the Internets. Just got access back after about 28 hours. What did I do in the meantime? Law & Order marathon on USA. And bailing water out of my basement.

10 thoughts on “Inside the White House

  1. Folks should notice the JBK Green Room sofas positioned in front of the fireplace in the Vermeil Room, pretty much like they were in her Green Room. Have we figured out where they are now?

    I do think that the JBK Green Room west wall long sofa is now up in the Second Floor Hall.

    With so much devestation and death from the storms, I’m glad you’re safe, Derek.

  2. I’m glad the storm is over and your internets are working now. I wondered if the tubes were just too clogged to carry more messages, or it was something else. Now we know!

  3. No storms here, thank goodness! No interruption of internet either (knock wood…) Was there much damage up there? Where? Did you at least get some rain? I know they desperately need rain in Cincinnati!

    Glad everyone is safe. What’s a “basement”? We don’t have those here, due to the high water table…

  4. Woah! I just looked at your TV News link! That’s horrible! I’m not surprised – that cold front met an incredibly massive and humid mass of air flowing up from the Gulf – gave us rain for two weeks! And temps almost in the 90’s! I had a hunch it was gonna be messy when the first real cool front came through and met that junk. Certainly am glad you’re safe, Derek. Is you basement dry now?

  5. Bone dry, thanks. But I think I’m going to get stuck with a pricey bill my insurance won’t pay for.

    Having a finished basement is really great. I think people in parts of the country where they aren’t practical are really missing out. Most people in my area never have water trouble. My house has an unusual problem that was difficult to diagnose.

    For what it’s worth, you can see pictures of the room here. I used my photos to illustrate the Wikipedia article on home cinema.

    Just to get back on topic, note the blind door at right, an idea I borrowed from our favorite house.

  6. Jib door!! I noticed that right away! Very nice. Nope, we can’t have besements here in New Orleans.

    We do have “raised cottages” in which the main floor of the house is one floor up and the ground floor is used for storage, etc.

    Do you do popcorn down there? : )

  7. Is from the South; we don’t “do” basements…hehe. Derek, glad you are ok out there. Can anyone with extra water send some here to the Southeast? We’re about out…..

    Does anyone know about the next edition of “The White House an Historic Guide” being published? It’s time (every four years typically and the last edition was ’03.) Are they waiting till the end of GW Bush’s term? Or maybe Mrs. Bush wanted to wait to include the new Green Room?

  8. I had to laugh when I saw the caption about Pres. Taft being offered a biplane ride in 1911 and declining…not to be rude…but does anyone else think that his declining was a good idea????

  9. Oh yes, I think it’s probably a VERY good thing that President Taft declined to ride in the aeroplane… Assuming it had gotten off the ground, I don’t think it would have gone very far… : )

    Scott – somebody – either here, or over at the White House Fanatics Facebook site – said that the WHHA was waiting until after the election to come out with a new White House Guidebook. Since they have just MAJORLY upgraded and enlarged the companion book (see the WHHA website) – “The Living White House” (and doubled the price), I have a strong hunch that we can look forward to the first total overhaul of the White House Guidebook since Nixon’s day! WooHoo! I have a feeling that the new White House Guidebook will be *well* worth the wait.

    I saw those scary pics of an almost dried-up Lake Lanier (Atlanta’s water supply). Really bad. Meanwhile, we’ve had nothing but rain, rain, rain here – during October, normally our driest month. (sigh…)

  10. Maybe the Army Corps of Engineers should dig a couple of new rivers from the Mississippi east to Atlanta and west to Vegas and Phoenix. It could be kept to just a stream until a big storm hits. No more flooding; no more droughts.

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