9 thoughts on “Lincoln Museum photos

  1. These were realistic without being too creepy, I felt. Altho, having John Wilkes Booth lurking outside the White House was a weird touch. I bet the Kennedy Library doesn’t have an Oswald figure carrying “curtain rods”. A figure that does stick in my mind as really creepy was the corpse of Boromir at the Lord of the Rings exhibit I saw in Indianapolis a couple of years ago.

  2. Well, just slightly creepy…

    Amazing that the Lincolns are actually *at* the museum… : )

    The White House replica is interesting. The train station looks like a really, really big Howard Johnson’s.

  3. The Grant-McClellan photo shows us window frames in the Blue Room as having a slight curvature to harmonize with the curvature of the wall. True? Don’t tell me to go the HAPS photos because I’d have to close this window and open a new one and I’m too lazy. Besides, I want you to feel “needed.”
    Thanks for the photos!

  4. Inside the White House house facade is—for lack of a better term—a fun house of Lincoln’s presidential years. You go into the Blue Room, where Mary is trying on a dress amid copies of dresses of social rivals and proceed thru corridors that show newspaper depictions of the Lincolns, accounts of the Civil War, replicas of the guest room and executive office, multimedia displays of reactions to the Emancipation Proclamation and end of the war, Ford’s Theater, and Lincoln Funeral. There’s very little that’s hands-on (you can touch bronze casts of life masks) and almost nothing that is genuinely of the period. (That’s in a small separate exhibit).

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