Chocolate mystery

During the trip home, I read most of the kitchens issue of WH History (issue 20). In it, former pastry chef Roland Mesnier mentions that, on the morning of September 11, 2001, he was in “what we call the Chocolate Room, which is located near to the exit door on the Ground Floor.” A PVC Chocolates page mentions it also, saying it’s a “recent addition… the size of a large closet.” I’m guessing that this is the space referred to in the HABS photos as the Refrigerator Room, but the picture of Mesnier in the “Chocolate Shop” (p 41) doesn’t look like the HABS picture of the Refrigerator Room.

3 thoughts on “Chocolate mystery

  1. Well, now I can say the WH is perfect regardless of how the rest of the house looks or will look in the future. Ummmmm. Chocolate.

  2. Good point. The mind boggles at why earlier presidents didn’t come up with a Chocolate Room. Sure Arthur had his Saltwater Taffy Room and Jackson had his Fruit Sweets Parlor…. Heck, Taft had today’s Treaty Room secretly filled waist-deep with peanut butter fudge. But you would think that we would have had a Chocolate Room ages ago.

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