11 thoughts on “Who is WHAT?

  1. Hi Derick

    I’m new here. I always thought I was odd for being such a White House history buff, but now I feel better knowing I’m not alone.


  2. Joh, what are you on?

    Dennis, this Dennis also welcomes you to the site. You are definitely not alone in your White House fascination. It is an addiction that we all enjoy.

    Go to White House Fanatics on Face Page; you’ll get to know us even better.

  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome.

    I’ve been a WH nerd since I was a little kid (I’m 44 now). I was lucky to work in the Clinton administration for a few years, and the best perk I had was being able to give tours of the West Wing to friends and family at night. I would spend 15 minutes talking about the Resolute desk alone!

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