White House Museum library

One thing that struck me about the Lincoln Museum is the library attached to it. One section was a small private collection of books about all the presidents (“Someone wrote a book about Millard Fillmore?” Yep.) It has convinced me that any real White House Museum also needs a research library—broader, but not as deep as any of the existing presidential libraries.

Ooh, I just thought of something. The library could be built as a replica of the Taft-Hoover West Wing, with a replica of the original Oval Office as the centerpiece.

3 thoughts on “White House Museum library

  1. So long as I can rip around the library on a horse scaring the patrons. I’m feeling inspired to dress up like TR like in Night at the Museum.

  2. Yee-Haaaaaaaa!

    Wingnut – thank you for the instructions to open the Google sketch viewer – I have a driver to my printer that is making some things wonky. I think I need to uninstall it and then re-install it.

  3. Derek – we could get you into a used New Orleans FEMA trailer – it wouldn’t smell *too* bad, I don’t think… A little paint; a little Lysol…

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