Oval Office rug mouse pads

After I mentioned it on the Facebook discussion about WH product wish-lists, I traded a couple of notes with a contact from MouseRug about the possibility of them creating mouse pads of the Oval Office rugs. They’re going to look into it.

I’ve added pics of the Reagan and Bush 2 rugs and improved the Clinton one, but the quality isn’t the best (the Bush rug is really Pete’s repro). I had inquired with the National Archives a year ago about photos of OO rugs and got an ambivalent response, but no follow-up.

5 thoughts on “Oval Office rug mouse pads

  1. Howdy! Hey wow! I had Druids to dance around my computer and it actually worked!

    I have a mousepad with the Presidential Seal that I got in some giftshop in Washington. Just Navy blue, with the Presidential Seal.

  2. I’d pay for one too. What I’d love to see is an entire collection of Oval Office rug pads representing every president since FDR, and including the red Kennedy rug that never got much use. Most of all, I’d love to see a color rendering of FDR’s rug. I know it was blue or blue-green, but I’ve only seen it in black and white. By the way, regarding the picture you posted of FDR’s desk and curtains from the museum in Hyde Park: It’s not an entirely accurate recreation. The desk, chair and desktop nickknacks are, but the wall in the museum is white, while his oval office had the same light green-grey walls we saw with Truman and Eisenhower.

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