1952 and 1962 second floor

I cleaned up the 1952 and 1962 second floor plans. The 1952 plans came from the Report of the CREM and had every single door numbered and several other extraneous markings. The 1962 plans are a reconstruction based on the 1952 plans. The result is much cleaner and still accurate.


6 thoughts on “1952 and 1962 second floor

  1. Noticed that the TR floor plan calls the now Lincoln Bedroom the Blue Bedroom. Wonder what it looked like?

  2. There’s actually a circa 1904 picture there. They used the bed now in the Queen’s Bedroom. i think the real question is why saying “Bully!” didn’t last.

  3. I’m just lovin this site. I keep two direct link buttons at the top of my browser. One for “What’s new” and one for this blog. I must check in here about 20x a day.

    Good times!

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