McKim’s drawings

The Library of Congress is pile of cheeky monkeys, teasing us with McKim’s White House drawings but not making them available online. I’m not sure if that link will even work. There’s no proper perma-link listed. If not, I searched for “temporary executive offices”.

UPDATE: Changed the link. Maybe that will work better. You can also go to the search page and search for “temporary executive offices”.

6 thoughts on “McKim’s drawings

  1. Were you able to see it? It looks like a collection of 20 documents, some as large as 4 feet by 6 feet! (117 x 192 cm)

  2. The link works now, but it just sends me around in circles. I haven’t been able to see any actual images though.

  3. Right. The collection isn’t digitized, probably because the pieces are so big, so it’s just an entry that says “Nyah, nyah, we have this; if you want to see it, you’ll have to visit us.”

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