Finally got thru the last of the interiors from the NYPL and the remainder of the good plates from Singleton’s Story…. Singleton’s book came out shortly after the turn of the century, so there was a good selection of 1890s as well as 1900s photos, which is just what was missing from the NYPL selection.


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  1. The picture captioned “Etching of White House in 1811 – (the last pic under Sept 6th posts) – and the 2nd and 3rd one down under Sept.5th posts in “What’s New” – especially the one captioned “Illustration of White House in 1822” seem very similar. The “1811: pic was probably done by Latrobe, according to Seale – and the 1822 pic is almost line-for-line the same – but I’ve never seen that particular image. Interesting! No area-ways then – the ground hadn’t been built up to form the North Portico. The House must have seemed taller then – and have a totally different character, before the portico. I would love to have seen it then!

  2. Seale states that when the White House was rebuilt after the fire of 1814, plans were already afoot to build the north portico. Because of this, the builders did not rebuild the pediment over the frontispiece and the area was temporarily boarded over until the north portico could be built. This means that all depictions of the White House made after the 1814 fire but before the north portico was built are basically fantasies.

  3. i like the victorian style. especially the entrance hall with the taffany glass. the blue room, red room, green room, state dining room & the east room i think are not better then the private dining room & the entrance hall.

    the master bedroom is not as good[in the victorian ornamentation]as the living room. i like the cleveland bedroom woodrow wilson era rooms look pretty good

    there are some good victorian photos there

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