More from the LOC

More from the LOC, including four spectacular color etchings from around 1887.

UPDATE: Had to remove the links to the JBK video, since they had been removed from YouTube.

5 thoughts on “More from the LOC

  1. Wow. I’m surprised they went after the JBK videos. I saved them to my hard-drive I think . . .

    So much great stuff in those vids.

  2. I was looking at these etchings. The 1887 date seems right for the parlors, but the East Room etching looks like it’s based on a photo of the East Room pre-dating the Arthur/Tiffany redecoration. Tiffany painted the ceiling in those complicated quasi-Islamic patterns that show up in post-1882 photos, and they aren’t visible here. Also, the carpet looks closer to the carpet in the Grant/Hayes administration photos than the carpets that show up in the later 19th century.

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