Early etchings

Added some mid-1800s etchings to various rooms in the Residence, most of these from Seale’s …Idea. It’s funny how etchings are pretty common in this pre-photography period but not earlier, in the 1800-1840 era.


2 thoughts on “Early etchings

  1. I know why there isn’t any sketchings for the 1814-1816 or so time frame. I realized it when I saw today’s date, August 24th. Today it’s been 193 years since the burning of the White House by the British. Thanks to Dolley we still have the Washington portrait and a few other important items she was able to get out of the house. I can’t imagine what she must have been going through that night. Raise a glass to Dolley today.

  2. Well, true, all the White House rooms were decorated in cinder and ash for a couple of years there. But where are the etchings of the porticos being added? That had to be news at the time.

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