White House replicas

Think you love the White House? Did you build your house to look like it? These people (and the Chinese and Lego governments) did….

Atlanta house

West of DC house

West of DC house from opposite angle

Chinese replica museum

Lego White House

And, of course, the Zweifel White House in Miniature

Thanks to Pete for the links…. Stay tuned for Pete’s release of his 3D replica built in Google Sketchup. I’ve seen tantalizing tidbits, and I’m on pins and needles.

4 thoughts on “White House replicas

  1. The Zweifel minature White House is wonderful. No – more than that – it’s awesome. And it’s HUGE. I saw it several years ago (in 2000, I think) at the Smithsonian and it is amazing. I have a coffee-table book on it called (I believe) “The White House in Minature, by Gail Buckland. Still available on Amazon and abebooks.com.

    The closest thing around here to a W.H. Replica is a house everybody here refers to as “Tara” – built around 1940 – and a dead ringer for the house in Gone With The Wind.

    Those White Houses in Atlanta and Washington are just so way over the top! I would expect that in Atlanta ( I lived there for 10 years and know it too well…), but I thought Washington had more class than that… (he-he-he…)

    *LOVE* the Lego White House!

  2. sThe Atlanta WhiteHouse should not be called the white house it is a hideous replica it looks nothing like it dreadful tear it down disgrace to georgia i heard they are even doing tours gosh would someone build a realstic replica please

  3. There are plans for a full scale replica to be built in the Blackwater Valley, West Waterford, Ireland.
    Afterall, the original design is by an Irish architect and is broadly based on Leinster House in Dublin.

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